In 2023, Noverra was approached by a business broker representing Dave Newman, the Founder/Owner of Extreme Commercial Concrete, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over twenty-five years of experience navigating the concrete industry’s challenges, Dave sought financial stability and the opportunity to prioritize family time.

The size of Extreme Commercial Concrete, its strategic location, and its consistent track record of delivering exceptional services in the commercial concrete sector appealed strongly to Noverra. Dave’s nephew, Nate, who held a significant role within the company, was designated by Dave as the incoming President, ensuring continuity in leadership.

Throughout the negotiation process, the Noverra team collaborated closely with Dave to devise a deal structure that facilitated his desired transition while providing support for Nate’s development into his new leadership role. The deal included a profit-sharing arrangement, allowing Dave to remain involved in the company’s future success over an extended period while gradually stepping back from day-to-day operations to focus on family commitments.

The deal successfully closed in the summer of 2023, marking a new chapter for Extreme Commercial Concrete under Nate’s leadership, supported by Noverra’s expertise in facilitating smooth transitions and fostering business growth.

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