Our Business Model

Unveiling the Blueprints: Captivating Acquisition Stories in the Industrial and Construction Sectors

The Noverra Group of Companies is a dynamic family of construction and industrial services enterprises, founded and privately owned by Omar Ladak, Steve Lux, and Suzanne Boyd. We actively provide strategic support to our independently operated businesses, prioritize the development of our people, maintain an indefinite investment horizon, and uphold straightforward beliefs that guide both our professional endeavors and personal lives.

Extreme Commercial Concrete

In 2023, Noverra was approached by a business broker representing Dave Newman, the Founder/Owner of Extreme Commercial Concrete, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over...View Acquisition Story

Thorpe Design

In 2015, Noverra was approached by a business broker representing Jim Thorpe, the Founder/Owner of Thorpe Design, based in Brentwood, California. Jim had founded and...View Acquisition Story

Brighter Mechanical

In 2012, Noverra was approached by Bob Vincent and Ted McDowell who together owned and led Brighter Mechanical. Brighter is the leading company in British...View Acquisition Story

Victory Fire Protection

In 2019, Noverra was approached by a business broker representing Mike and Gaylene Slocum, the Founders/Owners of Victory Fire Protection, based in Antioch, California. Victory Fire was...View Acquisition Story

Troy Forming Concrete

In 2018, Noverra received an inquiry from a business intermediary representing Troy Lynn, the seasoned Founder and Owner of Troy Forming Concrete ("TFC"), headquartered in...View Acquisition Story