In 2018, Noverra received an inquiry from a business intermediary representing Troy Lynn, the seasoned Founder and Owner of Troy Forming Concrete (“TFC”), headquartered in Colorado. With over three decades of experience steering TFC through the complexities of the construction industry, Troy sought a gradual transition period and the financial security that selling his business would afford him.

Noverra found TFC’s substantial size, strategic location, and reputation for delivering specialized services in the construction and industrial sectors highly appealing. Throughout the negotiation phase, the Noverra team collaborated closely with Troy to devise a deal structure that met his desire for a phased transition. The finalized arrangement included a profit-sharing component, allowing Troy to stay connected to TFC’s future successes while ensuring financial stability during the leadership transition, a process he had struggled to initiate independently.

The deal was successfully completed in the summer of 2018, marking a significant milestone for TFC.

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