What We Do


We actively seek acquisitions for our group of companies. We deploy our own equity capital earned from the after-tax cash flows of our Operating Businesses....

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Support Services

Our experience is that business owners seeking transitions have often built strong core management teams, but the business strategy and financial leadership of the company...

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Leadership Development

Our mission is to build high-quality leaders in the construction and industrial services sector. We do this continuously and relentlessly, both with the businesses that...

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Where We Started

Noverra Capital is our investment company, which focuses on acquiring new businesses for our group.

  • Deep in the recession and with modest investment capital, we started a consulting services company that provided Capital Services, Leadership Development and Change Management Advisory Services to clients in BC and Alberta.

  • In 2012, with the support of passive equity investors, we acquired Brighter Mechanical Ltd., the largest mechanical re-piping company in British Columbia, and an Asbestos Abatement company we re-named Brighter Environmental.

    We successfully transitioned the ownership of the Brighter Group Companies and have continued to strategically lead the company over its most successful years in its 30-year history. In addition, we proactively developed key members of the project management, operational leadership, and executive team to fill the gaps left by the existing owners, who were active in the leadership of the business.

  • In 2015 we acquired 100% of Thorpe Design without any outside investors. Thorpe Design was grown by Founder Jim Thorpe over 25 years to be one of the most successful businesses in the fire sprinkler industry with approximately 250 staff operating across five divisions.

    Since Noverra acquired the company in 2015, Thorpe has continued to enjoy strong results including the best year in the firm’s 25+ year history.

  • In 2017, we acquired our passive co-investors’ interests in the Brighter Group Companies after which we owned 100% of the group. This second stage of the Brighter Group acquisition helped us achieve a key strategic goal of not having any passive outside equity investors.

  • We acquired our third company, Troy Forming Concrete Inc. an integrated multi-trade specialty contractor providing site preparation, sewer and water main line piping and concrete forming services for large production home builders in the Greater Denver area of Colorado.

  • On the eve of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic we acquired our fourth business, Victory Fire Protection Ltd. and merged it with Thorpe Design to form the largest fire sprinkler company in Northern California.

  • Given the success of our current Operating Companies and our business model, we are well-positioned to continue to add great businesses to our group.

    Our objectives remain unchanged: to grow a family of companies together, over the very long term, with no investment horizon, combining the talents and energies of our three co-founders with the team of exceptional leaders we are privileged to work with; while proactively supporting the development of the people who work in our family of companies; always behaving in concert with our beliefs and values.

What We Believe

The personal values of the three Co-Founders of the Noverra Group of Companies drive the business strategy and decision-making of our group. These values, which may seem old fashioned, are central to our strategic approach and the way we conduct business:

Prudent, strategic, long-term focus

We aim to build a great group of companies for the long term, which we think of as 25 years or more. We have no interest in selling our companies. We have a desire to strategically invest over the very long run, and a naturally prudent mindset in our investment approach.

Collaborative Independence

We believe that each business in our group should operate independently. We believe that local companies, led by local leaders produce the best results-driven by accountability and clarity of focus. Collaboration across the group to share practices and tools enables the benefits of being a part of a group of businesses without the constraints and friction of integration.

Strong Leaders Build Great Companies

We believe that ultimately the strength of leadership throughout our companies will drive the success of our businesses over the long run. As such, we proactively invest in the development of the leaders within our businesses. Building great leaders at all levels is a key focus of our efforts, and we believe the only way to create long-term sustainable success in any organization.

Integrity, Honesty and Clarity

We believe in and practice, the model of business where we say what we mean, we try to be as clear and honest as possible, and we honour our word. If we shake someone’s hand, it is as good as a signature. There are lots of opportunities in business and life, and we have found it to be most rewarding when we do business with people that share this mindset and practice.

Strong, Trusted Relationships

We show respect and fairness in our dealings. We strive to build strong, long-lasting, trusting relationships with those we do business with. We believe that the strength of relationships with our people, customers, suppliers and everyone we do business with is key to our value over the long run. Having strong, trusting relationships with the people you do business with also just makes things more fun.