Our mission is to cultivate top-tier leadership within the construction and industrial services sector. We pursue this objective tirelessly and unwaveringly, instilling excellence in the businesses we acquire as well as within our broader Group of Companies.

During our acquisition process, we work with existing owners to identify the strengths and weaknesses within their management teams, create and implement plans to release untapped potential and identify potential successors, and provide outside resources, coaching and training.

Within our Group Companies, Noverra’s High-Quality Leadership Program is rooted in the core belief that High-Quality Leaders lead highly capable and talented people to perform at their best and continuously grow their performance over the long run. Our leadership program is built around three core pillars:

  • Health: It requires tremendous energy to sustain high-quality leadership, and this sustained energy requires leaders to have strong physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Trust: Trust drives sustainable effectiveness. The presence of trust is like a dividend; the absence of trust is like a tax. High-quality leaders build trust.
  • Clarity: Clarity enables effectiveness, alignment, and cohesion; a lack of clarity drives anxiety, confusion, and unproductive instability. High-quality leaders create clarity.

Specific examples of how we deliver leadership development are:

  • President’s Retreats for the leaders of our Group Companies
  • 360’ Assessments and Executive coaching for key individuals
  • Tailored leadership development programs for potential successors
  • Ongoing training in the areas of Health, Trust and Clarity
  • Management training in the following areas:
    • Strategy Design and Alignment
    • Performance Scorecards and Assessment
    • Organizational Design and Planning
    • Change Management
    • Operational System Design
    • Recruitment and Onboarding Program Design