Thorpe Design Ltd. is the largest residential fire protection company operating in Northern California. It was grown by Founder Jim Thorpe over 25 years to be one of the most successful businesses in its industry with approximately 250 staff operating across five divisions:

  • Tract Development Construction
  • Multi-Family Residential Construction
  • Custom Home Construction
  • Commercial and Industrial Construction
  • Service and Maintenance

Since Noverra acquired the company in 2015, Thorpe has continued to enjoy strong results including the best year in the firm’s 25+ year history. In 2020, Noverra acquired Victory Fire Protection Inc, a competitor of Thorpe’s and merged the two businesses to become the market leader in Northern California. Thorpe Design is led by Corey Gray. Corey was a Vice President at the business at the time Noverra acquired Thorpe. Corey now leads the full scope of operations and overall management for Thorpe Design. 

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Fire Protection
Northern California, USA
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Corey Gray
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