We are active in the strategic support of our independently run businesses, proactive in the development of our people, indefinite in our investment horizon, and straightforward in the beliefs which we apply to our work and lives.

What We Do


We actively seek acquisitions for our group of companies. We deploy our own equity capital earned from the after-tax cash flows of our Operating Businesses....

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Support Services

Our experience is that business owners seeking transitions have often built strong core management teams, but the business strategy and financial leadership of the company...

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Leadership Development

Our mission is to build high-quality leaders in the construction and industrial services sector. We do this continuously and relentlessly, both with the businesses that...

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Our Company

Noverra Group of Companies is an actively owned and strategically led family of construction and industrial services companies.

  • Thorpe Design Ltd. is the largest residential fire protection company operating in Northern California. It was grown by Founder Jim Thorpe over 25 years to be one of the most successful businesses in its industry with approximately 250 staff operating...Read More
  • Troy Forming is a multi-trade contractor, providing excavation, foundation, and water/sewer lateral installation services for production home builders and custom home builders in the Denver Metro and surrounding areas. The business, founded in 1991, has three core divisions: Earthmoving and Excavation: providing...Read More
  • Brighter Mechanical is British Columbia’s largest mechanical re-piping company. Brighter was founded in 1988 by Ray and Donna Wilde and from humble beginnings, over two generations, grew to approximately 100 staff and the leading reputation in its industry. Noverra acquired...Read More

Our Founders

The Noverra Group of Companies was founded and is led by three equal owners, Omar Ladak, Suzanne Boyd and Steve Lux.

Omar Ladak

Omar is primarily responsible for strategy design and leading governance practices across our group of companies, ensuring alignment between Noverra’s three Co-Founders and our Operating...

Suzanne Boyd

Suzanne is responsible for the development and implementation of Noverra’s leadership development program. In addition to leadership development, Suzanne provides expert-level support for Human Resources opportunities and...

Steve Lux

Steve Lux is responsible for the Financial Strategy and Management of the Noverra Group as well as Performance Reporting for each of our Operating Companies....

Acquisition Stories

Our current portfolio includes the following group companies

  • Thorpe Design

    In 2015, Noverra was approached by a business broker representing Jim Thorpe, the Founder/Owner of Thorpe Design, based in Brentwood, California. Jim had founded and...View Acquisition Story
  • Brighter Mechanical

    In 2012, Noverra was approached by Bob Vincent and Ted McDowell who together owned and led Brighter Mechanical. Brighter is the leading company in British...View Acquisition Story
  • Victory Fire Protection

    In 2019, Noverra was approached by a business broker representing Mike and Gaylene Slocum, the Founders/Owners of Victory Fire Protection, based in Antioch, California. Victory Fire was...View Acquisition Story
  • Troy Forming Concrete

    In 2018, Noverra was approached by a business broker representing Troy Lynn, the Founder/Owner of Troy Forming Concrete (“TFC”), based in Colorado. Troy had founded...View Acquisition Story